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Mouth bottom

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Objective: To assess the number of lymph nodes removed in the neck dissection and their relationship with the prognosis. Methods: A retrospective study involving patients with tongue and mouth floor epidermoid carcinoma, which histological exam showed no lymph node metastases. Among those, were males and 24 females, with mean age of 54 years. As to the primary tumor site, 65 were in the tongue and 78 in the mouth floor. T stage distribution was of four T1, 84 T2, 36 T3 and 19 T4.

hard lump floor of mouth

Swollen vein on bottom of mouth - Doctor answers on HealthcareMagic

Ask doctors free. Top answers from doctors based on your search:. Peter Karsant answered. Depends: On where it is and how long it has been there. Can be a calcific plug in a salivary gland or more serious so more information is needed on its locatio

Managing A Blood Blister In The Mouth

The tongue starts to develop at about 4 weeks. The tongue originates from the first, second, and third pharyngeal arches which induces the migration of muscles from the occipital myotomes. A U-shaped sulcus develops in front of and on both sides of the oral part of the tongue. This allows the tongue to be free and highly mobile, except at the region of the lingual frenulum, where it remains attached. Disturbances during this stage cause tongue tie or ankyloglossia.
If you've ever had the displeasure of accidentally biting your cheek while chewing food, you might recall a sore forming in the area. While mouth sores caused by cheek biting are usually no cause for concern, what if you notice a sore in the mouth that's filled with blood? Finding a blood blister in the mouth may be worrying, but rest assured that these blisters are generally harmless and may heal on their own. Medically, blood blisters in the mouth may be related to a condition known as angina bullosa hemorrhagica ABH.

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