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The Siamese fighting fish Betta splendens , also known as the betta , is a freshwater fish native to Thailand formerly Siam and present in neighboring Cambodia , Laos , Malaysia , and Vietnam. While colloquially known and marketed in the global aquarium trade as the "betta", it is one of 73 species in the genus Betta. Siamese fighting fish are among the most popular and widely available aquarium fish in the world, due to their varied and vibrant colour, diverse morphology , and relatively low maintenance. Mostly concentrated in Thailand's Chao Phraya river basin , bettas were discovered in the still waters of canals, rice paddies and floodplains, where they are still found; they have been kept and bred since at least the midth century, and possibly much earlier. Bettas are well known for being highly territorial, with males prone to attacking each other if housed in the same tank; without a means of escape, this will usually result in the death of one or both fish. Female bettas can also become territorial towards one other in too small of an aquarium.

12 Hours of Tropical Coral Reef Fish at Monterey Bay Aquarium Swimming to a Calming Soundtrack

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Last Updated: October 19, References Approved. This article was co-authored by Doug Ludemann. Doug has worked in the aquarium and fish-care industry for over 20 years, including having worked as a professional aquarist for the Minnesota Zoo and Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. There are 33 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

The 20 Best Community Fish for a Social Freshwater Aquarium

Last Updated: September 18, References. This article was co-authored by Craig Morton. With over 30 years of aquarium experience, Craig specializes in creating custom aquarium designs along with aquarium installation and service.
The rainbowfish are a family , Melanotaeniidae, of small, colourful, freshwater fish found in northern and eastern Australia , New Guinea , islands in Cenderawasih Bay and Raja Ampat Islands in Indonesia, and in Madagascar. The largest rainbowfish genus, Melanotaenia , derives from the ancient Greek melano black and taenia banded. Translated, it means "black-banded", and is a reference to the often striking lateral black bands that run along the bodies of those in the genus Melanotaenia. The Melanotaeniidae is characterised by having their distal premaxillary teeth enlarged.

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