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Gay Comix no. Howard Cruse, cover by Rand Holmes, Gayness used to be a public accusation leveled at comics to discredit the medium: in the s, Batman and Robin, and Wonder Woman, were suspected to be gay, and therefore a negative influence. But today gay comics are an ever-expanding feature of the field, marking a new era of self-expression. Comics used to be read paranoically as gay code; in contemporary comics queer identity is openly announced.

Coming Out as Gay Superheroes

LGBT Supervillains

Len is a writer who lives in Brooklyn, New York, and has had a fascination with games and media that has lasted a lifetime. There have actually been quite a few highly publicized lesbian characters in comic books over the years. Compared to gay males they're quite well represented. This is mostly due to the double standard where it is cool for straight males to like lesbians but taboo for homosexual males to be considered "tough" or "badass". Still, these pioneering superheroes have proven to be positive role models for LGBT youth across the world.

Gay and Graphic

The history of LGBT characters in the comic book industry has proved controversial. The Comics Code Authority banned any suggestions of homosexuality in comic books until in America, and it wasn't until the s that LGBT characters started to feature in more stand-alone stories. Nowadays, modern audiences demand diversity in popular culture that reflects life. LGBT characters have moved from the periphery to the forefront in comic books, growing in popularity and power. Here are ten of the most powerful LGBT characters to feature in comic books.
By George Gene Gustines. When the mutant superhero Iceman came out last month — thanks to a one-two punch of his prying telepathic teammate and a time-travel visit from his younger self — he immediately became the most prominent gay comic book character. But his revelation was far from the only story line involving gay, lesbian and transgender characters in the fast-evolving world of comic-book narratives.

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